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General Patch Cord/Pigtails

Patch cables are used in two major application areas: computer work station and optical cross connect distribution center.SisoTT can provides various types of fiber optic patch cables.

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Product Description:

Connectorzed cable assemblies are cord-type fiber optical cables terminated with connectors at both end. The type of cable fiber and connector and the length of the patch cords can be freely specified by the customer as shown below. Pigtails are used for terminating fiber optical cables by splicing them the fibers of the cable and connecting the other end, which supplied with a connector to a patch panel or directly to equipment.

Product Features: 

  • Low insertion loss, high return loss
  • High dense connection, easy for operation
  • High credibility and stability
  • Good in repeatability and exchangeability
  • PC/UPC/APC polishing are available in Zirconia ceramic ferrule
  • Simplex and duplex patch cords and pigtails are jacketed with Kevlar sheath member, aramid yarns and Flame Retardant PVC material
  • Every cable assembly is 100% tested and guaranteed to meet all specification
  • Identification label provides complete description of IL and RL.
  • Customer Lengths and connectors are available upon request
  • G652 and G655 and G657A fiber, LSZH, Plenum and Hytrel cables available

Product Specifications:

Parameter Unit FC, SC, LC,ST,MU,DIN,D4,MPO, SC/APC,FC/APC,LC/APC,MU/APC Duplex MTRJ/Female, MTRJ/Male
SM(9/125 SMF-28 or equivalent OS1) MM(50/125,62.5/125(OM2&OM1),
50/125,10G(MM) OM3
Insertion loss(typical) dB ≤0.3 ≤0.2 ≤0.3 ≤0.2
Return loss dB ≥45 ≥50 ≥60 ≥30
Operating wavelength nm 1310, 1510
Exchangeability dB ≤0.2
Vibration dB ≤0.2
Operating temperature -40~75
Storage temperature -45~85
Cable Type   Simplex or duplex
(zip cord) φ3.0, φ2.0, φ0.9,PVC or LSZH