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Indoor Optic Distribution Frame

ODN BOX is widely used for the patch cords, pigtails and splitters management in various fiber optical solutions, such as FTTH projects, PON system etc.SisoTT can supply all kinds of Boxes for FTTH fiber cabling application.

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Product Description:

It can be used in the termination and distribution of partial trunk optical cable in optical cable communication system easy to realize connection, distribution and adjustment

Product Features:

  • 19 standard cabinets with large-capacity, high- density, modular structure
  • Integrated with fiber fusion, storage and distribution, available to manage every single modular on or off rack.
  • Ensure process ability with organized arrangement of fibers, pigtails and patch cords
  • Suitable for medium capacity distribution site of FTTX splitting spot etc.
  • Preloaded with splitter modules, achieve light splitting function easily