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Fiber Cross Cabinet

ODN BOX is widely used for the patch cords, pigtails and splitters management in various fiber optical solutions, such as FTTH projects, PON system etc.SisoTT can supply all kinds of Boxes for FTTH fiber cabling application.

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Product Features:

  • Standard case body, made of high intensity, anti-corrosive, anti-aging special composite material.
  • Suitable for various bad weather, with reliable sealing, water-proof and damp-proof.
  • Splicing & distribution integration module with adaptor assembling, fusion and connection, storage in integration, inserted assembling and available for different type of adaptors such as FC, SC, ST.
  • Adaptors assembling with defluxion of 30° to ensure fiber pigtail bending radius, with control winding ring of the fiber in horizontal and vertical. It make the fiber distribution tidiness and be protected in security.
  • Every side of the cabinet can bear the vertical pressure of 980N, and 200N for the outer edge over the door when door opened.
  • 96 Cores,144 Cores, 288 Cores…is available!